My favorite drone for less than $250

For My best drone in budget limited up to $300, I picked Walkera Runner 250.I love speed,racing and competing with my friends.Runner 250 is racing drone, and most important it is not expensive.With control distance of 1000 meters and flight time up to 15 minutes, you can take him on even the hardest and longest race.Good thing about Runner is that it is made from carbon, so crashing and hitting trees won’t break it.Four powerful motors give him power to fly up to 40km/h.It has really sensitive to control but it is very accurate.

Walkera runner 250 is not RTF(ready to fly) so you have to assemble it, but that should’t be a problem because there are many videos on internet explaning it.


If you are a dronelover and you like speed and racing you will agree with me and pick a Walkera runner 250 among other drones that cost under $300, but even if you don’t like racing this drone will show you that it is worth every dollar.